Colorado Foundation Repair Services

Are you seeing cracks in your drywall? Brick? Foundation? Perhaps your doors and/or windows are sticking? These are some of the indicators we use to assess a foundation repair problem. Most foundation repair problems fall into one of three categories(click on each picture for more information on how we mitigate each type of problem):

Crack in brick wall requires foundation repair
Horizontal movement requires foundation repair
Foundation Repair by improving external drainage

Van Matre Construction is an experienced foundation repair specialist and can help you with foundation repair services for any foundation issue you might encounter. Colorado has a wonderful 4 season climate and is classified as an alpine desert, which means that we experience fluctuations in rainfall, groundwater levels and snow melt on a seasonal as well as long term basis. The soil around your home in the Arvada, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver and Littleton areas absorbs water quite readily. When it does this it expands and then, when the weather drys out, so does the soil, contracting while it does so. These factors put additional stress on your foundation and can lead to movement. This translates into visible indicators such as cracks in walls, floors, ceilings or chimneys, bowing of walls, doors or windows that do not open or close properly or even visibly uneven or sloped floors. You might be thinking that only older homes can be affected in the Arvada, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver and Littleton areas, but a study by Consumer Reports indicates that 15% of brand new homes have serious issues with their foundations. Our experience confirms that foundation problems can affect new and old homes alike and that a decision to permanently resolve these issues is an investment that preserves your home’s value.

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